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So what’s the next move?
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So what’s the next move?

My husband and my son both play Chess, a game that gives me no end of anxiety. For the longest time, I refused to play Ryan-knowing I would lose, knowing I wouldn’t be able to see what’s next, or even make five moves without getting checked. But when my son started playing, I decided to give it a go. I’ve watched Jazz grow and learn from playing the game, setting up pins and blocks, thinking about opening strategies, winning with grace, losing with none lol. But he continues to play. And now I play Jazz and he beats me, or we draw. But the more I play, the more the anxiety dissipates. I can start seeing my way around the board, I’m learning how to defend and attack. I have a lot to learn. But I’m playing.

Chess is not a new metaphor for life, or for business, but the perfect one here, in this moment. As 2024 brings new questions, I’m stepping up to the board to strategize and move forward. I’m playing the game.

Here are some new things I’m trying, in hopes that they reap good rewarding things:

  • I’m working from home once a week! As my business has grown, so has my admin work! Setting aside one day a week to take care of these things gives me the opportunity to focus on the physical work when at the studio. And now I get to enjoy open windows, a quiet house, and a sleeping cat.

  • I’m headed to High Point for two shows this year! High Point is a show for the interior design trade. As my commission work has grown, I see the opportunity to expand these relationships by heading to NC to introduce my work at the biggest interior design show in the country. I couldn’t be more lucky to travel there with SHOPPE OBJECT.

  • I’m lifting weights! Whaaaaat? While I’ve done strength training for years, I’m not going to a gym once a week to lift in a small group setting. I feel strong and sore.

  • I’m sleeping! Wait, I need to shout it: I’M SLEEPING!!!!!! Thanks to working diligently on my health, I’m starting to rest. Which helps me move through my days, keep my cortisol levels down, and not yawn through the day.

  • Walking every day for 20 minutes. I love walking so much.



Photo captions L to R, top to bottom: Playing Chess with my kid; watering flowers at Shoppe Object; detail from Shoppe Object; little Lauren watching her dad go to work, anticipating what she will do when she sees him next; blooming crocuses in my yard; new tile and countertop, same favorite mug; daffodils are ready for spring; new mug coming this month.

New work is coming this month too. We have a limited number of pots available in a new color, mineral. The collection is super limited as the glaze stain was discontinued. Ahh, the life of a ceramic artist in 2024! So grab them while we have them. I’m also trying out some new patterning through glaze. See the bottom right image above. These pieces release later this month and another batch will be out in April. We hope you love them, we hope you appreciate the reach for new things in order to reap good things.

Till the next time, enjoy the blooming, the anticipation pushing through the dirt, the next moves not always clear but certainly to come.



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