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New website, same studio
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New website, same studio


Hello!!! And happy May! While we have lots of projects going on (see here, here, and here), the main focus of our time has been launching a new website on a new-to-us platform: Shopify.



The main why for the redesign is the benefits for our customers! Shopify is a top notch e-commerce site designed to showcase product-based businesses. While Squarespace served us well, we needed something more robust. Here's what we're excited to offer you:




Websites are all about intuition. How to move through a page seamlessly is quite the difficult task. While we loved the aesthetics of our Squarespace site, we were really missing the ease of use for us and our audience. We were clunking our way through, trying to make things happen that the website didn't really want to do. Once we migrated to Shopify, the website came together seamlessly. 




Photography is wonderful and hard and so much fun and so frustrating! It's one of the things I love to do but don't leave a lot of time for these days. Enter Heather Mariano, our marketing maven who has helped to transform a lot of the ways our work reaches your eyes, including photography. We recently switched to this beautiful canvas background. Scroll over the above images to see the date of the photoshoot- wow! What a transformation!

One thing we strive for in our photography is a relatively untouched photograph. We only do a light retouching on our photos, balancing light, removing a speck of dust on the lens, as we prefer to let the work speak for itself rather than a heavy filter.




As I've mentioned before, I took a business class with Holly Howard last year. One of the biggest things that came out of this was clarifying Lauren HB Studio's values and vision. What are we doing as a small production studio and why are we doing it. The launch of our new website felt like the perfect time to put this language front and center.

Behind the core of everything we do is to see the beauty around us. And that beauty is inherent in our humanity. So to see beauty is to see and recognize the humanity in each other and our surroundings. And this is the core of what we do at Lauren HB Studio, make beautiful objects for beautiful humans. And hopefully this website supports that value of ours now more than ever. Beauty, humanity, and all that is perfectly imperfect is at the core of Lauren HB Studio, and it is our intention that every word, image, and call to action we might offer reflects this value.


We hope you enjoy this Lauren HB Studio website glow-up and the why behind it. We can't wait for you to check it out! 

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