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Dining Al Fresco With Handmade Pottery
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Dining Al Fresco With Handmade Pottery


 Happy summer solstice, friends! It's the longest day of the year, the hottest week of the summer, and the second full week of summer break here in NE Ohio. At home, we are dining al fresco almost every night, enjoying a cool sip of something yummy and a bite of a tasty summer treat before the sky goes dark.

While we keep it pretty simple for outdoor dining, we almost always use our handmade pots to set the table. We have quite the menagerie of pots made from friends around the world and it can be quite the festive table! Every once in a while, I go simple and minimal, pulling out my Trega Plates and the white porcelain cups I made from our wedding almost ten years ago. I pull a tablecloth from my collection, usually the one that belonged to my grandmother, a midcentury pattern that has a decorative beige, navy, and white pattern. 

It's all these things these things I love, treasures collected over the years from loved friends and family, that make my al fresco table feel both ordinary and special. How do you set your alfresco table? If you need a few ideas, I've collected my thoughts here for you. 


Crafting the Perfect Tabletop Setting

Do you like to stand out against nature or blend in with it? Do you like a happily cluttered table full of dishes for every part of the meal? Or do you lean more minimal, with a large plate to hold everything and only the bare essentials? Whatever your style, here are my favorite pieces from our collection to add to your outdoor tablescape:

  • Small and Large Trega Plate: Each plate is a blank canvas, with subtle nuances in color and texture that truly put the focus on a simplistic, elegant plating.
  • Medium Stone Serving Bowl: From crisp salads to grilled vegetables, these serving bowls are striking and functional, definitely a conversation piece to pass around the table.
  • Medium Chisel Cup: These geometric cups are big enough to hold a generous glass of your favorite cold summer beverage, but comfortable enough in your hand to hold and savor every last sip. 
  • Pebble Vase: Step into the yard and snip some of your favorite blooms or greens to slip into this vase. It's short enough to not block the view across the table, and small enough to focus on one or two very special cuttings to bring the garden to the table.



Sustainably Al Fresco

  • I believe that handmade pottery is a way to connect with art and nature and appreciate the beauty of simple, organic materials. It might make dinner a little less convenient and a little more messy. You might break something you love. You'll have more dishes to do. But when you choose to use reusable dishes, you're making a conscious choice to embrace a slower, more mindful way of life.

    A Little Outdoor Dining Inspiration

    Need some meal inspiration? Check out this recipe that I will be making for our next outdoor get together. I'll definitely be serving it on our Large Oval Tray. Have you been dining al fresco with your Lauren HB Studio wares? I love seeing how our customers incorporate our pieces into their own dining experiences. Tag us at @laurenhb or #laurenhbstudio so we can see your beautiful meals!

    Let's Connect!

    If you have any questions or just want to say hello, please don't hesitate to reach out! I'd love to hear from you and help you plan your next alfresco meal.

    Happy dining!

    With gratitude,


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