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Holiday 2022
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Holiday 2022


It’s almost launch day for our 2022 Holiday Collection! This collection represents a shift in how we bring our work to you. We are excited to present a few collections a year that focus on the beauty of each season. You can expect to see colors and styles that reflect why we love to make things and how handmade pottery is connected to our every day lives.

Handmade things lifts our surroundings. We can feel the intentions of the maker and see the humanity in the work-the variation in the surface, the movement of the glaze, the imperfections that make it perfect. We bring Wabi Sabi - the beauty in the imperfect - into our lives and our interactions. When we release our striving for perfection we see the beauty in our own selves and in those around us. We hope you enjoy this peek into our own processes and imperfections. While photographing our holiday collection, Heather and I were literally bending backwards to throw confetti, hold streamers, and place ornaments. We paused for a moment and took the shot above, zoomed out from the seemingly ‘perfect shot’ to reveal the absolute chaos- and humanity- surrounding us.

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