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2022: A Recap
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2022: A Recap

Let’s recap!

  • Launched a holiday collection

  • Created 10 commissioned artworks

  • Made new paintings

  • Said goodbye to my sweet gram, my last grandparent

  • Spent a month in Maine, making new sculptures, drawings, and paintings

  • Sent my son to Kindergarten

  • Moved from a 1200 sq studio to a 4200 sq ft studio

  • Said goodbye to my studio assistants of 3 and 6.5 years

  • Welcomed four new assistants

  • Launched Get Together Studio

As I wind down the year and reflect on all that’s changed, I am optimistic for the year to come, and grateful for this creative life. I love to make things, and I love to share them in so many ways. Thank you for being here! Watch for exciting things ahead in 2023.

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