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Large Stria Mug - Large Mug - Lauren HB Studio

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Color: Dot

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Your Perfect Coffee Companion

This is Large Stria Mug beautiful mugs are ready to elevate your morning coffee or tea ritual. Each one is decorated by hand, ensuring a unique touch. Generous 12 oz size. Dishwasher & microwave safe. Dimensions: 4.75”x3.5”x4”.

Designed with cozy moments in mind. Their textured surface and comfortable handle feel just right in your hand.

The Ritual:

  • The Perfect Pour: Ideal for a generous serving of your favorite beverage.
  • Handcrafted Feel: Adds a touch of warmth and artistry to your routine.
  • Easy Enjoyment: Built for everyday use and easy cleaning.

Crafted in our Northeast Ohio studio from durable porcelain and finished with our signature non-toxic glazes.

Upgrade your morning ritual with a handcrafted Stria Mug – ready to ship!

Pottery Care

Due to the nature of handmade artwork, slight variances in color or marks on the surface are normal. Your pot may appear different than the photograph for this same reason.

All Lauren HB Studio pottery is food safe, dishwasher and microwave safe, unless specified. Dishes can be hand washed as well. Do not microwave artwork with gold or silver luster. Do not put pieces with gold or silver luster in the dishwasher.

Preferred method for cleaning sculptures is dusting off with canned air. You can spray with a cleaning solution, but sse a dust free lint free cloth when wiping. Note that the surface of raw fired porcelain may grab onto minuscule hairs and dust on your cleaning cloth.




    When will my package ship?

    3-5 days for the artwork to be shipped Once the artwork is shipped, you will receive a tracking number via email



    Are your products dishwasher & microwave safe?

    Indeed and indeed! Even though hand washing handmade pottery is a pleasant task as it allows you to appreciate the craftsmanship!



    Is your pottery durable?

    It is quite durable. Handle your pottery with care as it can withstand the hands of a toddler (tested).



    Do you offer gift cards?

    Yep! They come in several different values and never expire.



    Can I order glaze samples?

    As of right now you cannot order glaze samples. Please contact me if you would like more images of a particular glaze.



    Are your glazes non-toxic?

    Yep! Our glazes are nontoxic and food safe. None of the bad stuff, only good!



    What firing temps do you use?

    I luster fire to 1392 F (cone 018), bisque fire to 1940 degrees F (Cone 04), and glaze fire to 2160 degrees F (Cone 6). These temperatures vary slightly depending on the speed and the amount of work in the kiln.



    What are cones?

    Cones are a mixture of clay and glaze designed by the ceramics industry to properly measure the correct temperature of a kiln firing. Since the temperature of the air inside the kiln can differ from the temperature of the clay and glazes (think a warm brick wall in the evening), we use these handy cones to gauge the temperature, when the cone that correlates to the temperature of the glaze ‘melts’, we turn off the kiln!



    What kind of clay do you use?

    I use a porcelain casting slip to make all of my pottery. For hand built pieces I use a porcelain clay body.



    Can I visit your studio?

    I love visitors! Please contact me to set up a visit.



    How long does it take to make your work?

    Ceramics is a labor and time intensive medium. I use handmade molds to cast all of my pottery. These molds can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks to design and plaster cast. Then another week to problem solve any slip casting and glaze issues. The process of pouring the mold, firing, glazing, firing, and cleaning the pieces is much shorter, but all in, there’s a good 6-8 weeks of work behind each piece I make.

    Sculptures take anywhere from a day or two and up to 6 months to produce, depending on the scale! Please contact me if you would like to commission public art or sculpture.



    Do you recycle? what do you do with leftover clay & glaze?

    We incorporate a lot of open and closed-loop systems in our processes. When making things in clay, we always reuse any leftover material. We perpetually reconstitute clay. When clay or glazes become contaminated, I save them. I’m working on a closed-loop product to repurpose these materials, releasing in 2024!

    I use mostly new materials for shipping, to protect the pieces, and for insurance. We use all paper products, some designed in our own Northeast Ohio! We don’t dump any clay or glaze waste down the drain; instead, we save in in sink traps to reuse or dispose of properly.



    What inspires you?

    I love the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, which means beauty in imperfection. This goes along with another philosophy that I embrace: amor fati. Amor fati, or love of one’s fate, means everything in life is good and necessary. I translate it as accepting all that happens. And in my studio, I apply both these ideas to my work. I am a flawed imperfect human (as we all are!) and I work on embracing that which I cannot control and accepting the beauty of making with these imperfect hands.



    What is your education background?

    I received my BFA at Bowling Green State University and my MFA from University of Minnesota. I have studied in Florence, as well as taken workshops at awesome craft centers around the country.



    Do you offer international shipping?

    Absolutely! Buyer pays an additional fee for international shipping; please contact me before placing your order to discuss.



    Do you have information about shipping?

    Yes! You can learn more on our Shipping and Care pages.



    Do you sell Wholesale?

    Yes I do! You can order through Faire and Shoppe Object.



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Stephen Eakin

This mug absolutely slaps! I mean, it's a real friggin' banger! I got it for my wife as an Christmas gift and she totally hardcore POUNDS coffee from it everyday. She's got severe coffee jitters from loving this mug so much, I'm talking gallons of coffee in her system at any given moment. But she definitely white-knuckles her grip on it so as to not drop it. The coalescence of beauty, function, and that extra dynamite from it being handcrafted takes her to fucking Mars and back on the daily. It's the She'd told me if she had a choice between our children and this mug, she'd choose mug 100% of the time. Like if she was dangling from a cliff with the mug in one hand and holding onto a tree root with the other, she'd cradle the mug to her demise before letting go of it to save herself. If the apocalypse came and we had seconds to say our goodbyes, she'd run for mug and be sipping it through annihilation. She insists I talk to mug, and cradle mug. So I tell mug about how the workday went, about my innermost fears, about all of my existential crisis. And mug just holds onto that nonsense like Fort Knox. Mug swallows the key for you, mug goes the extra mile. Mug is everything and nothing all at once. We think mug is just great.

Stephennnnnnnnn!!!!! You slap. Thanks bud!

Kat Wentz

Beautiful piece and lovely as a desk catch all.

Thank you Kat!