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While in Castine vol. 3, part 2
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While in Castine vol. 3, part 2

Oh Maine! You will always have my heart with your moody days and your beautiful growth and your respected piles of purposeful neglect! It’s easy to see why this place is so inspiring to so many artists, yes? Here’s a few more things from our trip.



I’ve always found the Maine coast so fascinating. The juxtaposition of the rocky coast and the relentless elements with the people who choose to live there, work there, build there…There’s a curious mashup of people and nature. Not vs. More like both/and. These small circle pieces remind me of both shells and tools. The sewn piece at the very end, like a human gesture, but also a scallop net. I love how these tools and spaces mix in my brain and I love the resulting softness from incorporating fabric and thread into the work.



One of the places that carries my work is The Lost Kitchen. If you haven’t heard of it, The Lost Kitchen is a restaurant started by Erin French, a native Mainer. Her story is moving and the results of her hard work are these beautiful spaces that attract people from all over the world! TLK has expanded to include a wine store, gift shop, and weekly seasonal farmers market. TLK has been a fabulous partner, one that really sees and understands how the pottery functions in our kitchens and homes. We have collaborated on some fun pieces, including plates and dessert pedestals!



I was lucky enough to be in Maine while the farmers market was happening, so I had to take a visit. The visit brought me to tears. The magic of the space is palpable. All sorts of vendors selling fresh local produce, cheeses, food, and flowers. Plus, Erin serves up a delicious dessert and shrub. I savored every sip, every bite! Upon stepping into the shop, I was humbled. The environment is serene. It smells of cedar. Beautiful branches hang from the ceiling, there are candle burning and soft music playing. The lights are low and the feeling of being in a cozy Maine cabin is present. It’s the kind of space that is transformative, which is at the root of my values as a business owner and artist-to create transformative experiences with beautiful objects. Here. are a few shots from the shop. You can buy my work there in person and online if you feel so inspired. May I also recommend a few lovely products? The toast tongs are fabulous, the onion basket is functional and beautiful. Definitely try to get yourself dinner at TLK if you find yourself in Maine!



Last but not least, the lovely natural finds around every corner! Ghost ferns, red moss, purple seaweed, the perfection of a mossy rock. Maine, you were so good to me and I can’t wait to see you again soon. xoxo

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